Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Generation V?

As my associate and I were discussing our latest vlog, a thought crossed my mind. Are we the world’s most technically advanced generation, or the laziest? Most recently we’ve developed digital versions of everything imaginable. From VJ’s to Vlogs. I mean, seriously, how hard was blogging? Was sitting on your lazy ass and typing a few paragraphs THAT exhausting? Did adding those links and finding photos to comment on become such a hassle? Have we become so fat, lazy and pressed for time that any manual labor is just too much? Whats next? Vooks? Great idea! Who needs to read when you can watch a vook?! Eff the universe…who wants to go green? I’m going digital!!

With that said, we at CocktailOur have comprised a list of things that will ultimately go digital!

-No longer will your cousin doing time at BCDC have to waste his commissary on paper and pens. Who needs that when he’ll be sending you a vletter? And while the vail man is here to deliver your vagazines, he has a couple of vills for you too. Damn vill collectors! You’ll get your money!! No bounced v-checks here. All this watching has gotten you famished. Let’s find the carry-out venu and order some food. Then, after eating, we’ll sit down with Jimmy Jr. and practice his valphabet. It’ll be good clean family fun


-vank you-

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