Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Hey Girl!!! Don't You Hear Me Tryna Holla?!?

An avid CocktailOur reader wants to know why men on the bus stop have the audacity to try to pick up women who are driving. She would like to be able to stop at the corner without the fine young gentleman waiting for the 51 all up in her grill. It got me thinking, so I decided to comprise a top 5 list of reasons why bus stop boy is tryna holla holla holla…

5. …his baby momma’s Solara or Accord is in the shop and you’re looking like a winner

4. …his car was in an accident and is now “being fixed” (like we believe that)

3. ...he needs a ride. Hell, it’s hot out here!

2. …the same reason why the hoodrat with the rooster hair and twelve inch acrylic nails wants an “educated man with class”.

1. …he actually thinks that you’re NOT a shallow whore who judges men based on what they drive. The nerve of him!

Get yourselves together ladies!! Don’t judge a man by his car. A man should be judged solely on how he treats you…and his shoe game!

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