Wednesday, August 6, 2008

The New Black

As I sit here with friends discussing everything from fashion to men, I can’t help but wonder, is single the new black?

Black women are a marvel among generality. We are beautiful, strong and accomplished. We are educated. Most of us with bachelor’s degrees, Masters, PhD’s and certifications within our fields. We are responsible, loving, funny, understanding, supportive, sexy, respectable, respectful, classy and one of a kind. We are a precious commodity. Yet in the market we call love, black women are more undervalued than the American dollar.

There once was a time when men came a dime a dozen. Each worth a moment of your time and eager to please far beyond the bedroom. There once was a time when the word “relationship” didn’t serve as a relationship deterrent and neither did its cousin “commitment”. There once was a time when I didn’t have to begin each sentence like the introduction of a fairy tale. Love and happiness wasn’t just a song, it was a lifestyle. But no more. . . If I had a penny for every beautiful woman I’ve seen (or know) flashing the banner of singularity, I’d have enough money for those Brazilian booty implants men seem to love so much or at least some 20″ Chinese store Brazilian hair. But I digress. . .

Please don’t get this misconstrued. This post is not intended to serve as a complaint box or as one of my world famous rants about the lack of quality in the depleting resource we call men. (No angry black woman post here ladies and gents). Rather a thought provoking discussion.

Where are the quality men hiding?

Are relationships a thing of the past?

Are friends with benefits as good as it gets?

What happened to the perceived value of women?

Have we become just a big butt and a smile? (Thanks BBD)

And . . . .

Is Single The New Black???

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