Thursday, August 21, 2008

Run & Tell Your Friends

Have you heard the latest about Ms. Tyra Banks?!?! Tyra was spotted in LA last week with an unusual object in her hand, as reported by "insert your favorite gossip blog here". Apparently Ms. "Gotta have my face in every ANTM promo" loves to showcase her allegiance to an up and coming site...!! Now if it's good enough for a supermodel, it's good enough for the everyday average (you)!

**Disclaimer: Post actually written about my cousin Tyrone Banks, otherwise known as Tyra by his male company. Not a celebrity, yet equally as ovah!!


Anonymous said...

LOL...I'm like oh word??? Tyra reads CocktailOur?

WTF?? Yall are stupid!!!

Anonymous said...

lol..i believed it for a minute...