Monday, September 22, 2008


Life is funny. You search the world meeting new people, discovering new things; all in an effort to reveal the true meaning or what some would consider the essence of life. In my limited time on this earth I've narrowed life's purpose to these few things: love, laughter and friendship (okay, friendship I stole from a friend but it's totally list worthy). In concert 2 L's and an F reveal a boundless sense of peace and purpose that cannot be mimicked, reproduced or forgotten. A sense of euphoria similar to the first day of school, the purchase of a new object or any other trivial accomplishment or acquisition. Yet unlike those moments; love, laughter and friendship are everlasting. They like energy are never created nor destroyed. . .merely transferred. . .like an infectious laugh from one person to another. . .passion from my lips to his. . .life lessons from one generation to the next. In your daily hustle for the wickedly necessary all mighty dollar, I hope you never stop making friends, manage to laugh at every mistake or hardship and remember to love. One day when we reach our respective ends, those are the moments you'll remember. Love hard ladies and gentlemen, Love free!!

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Quettajarob said...

Somebody must be smoking that oooo-cee.