Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Obama's Race To Win?

My following of the presidential race is giving me this feeling that I can not shake. The logical being that is me says that the conspiracy theorist side of me is playing tricks. However, regardless of how much I try, I can not shake the feeling that this race is being handed to Barack on a platter with some pork chops and onion gravy. I find it hard to believe that the Republicans can incidently be so stupid. The selection of a senile presidential candidate, an absent-minded vice-presidential candidate, and the chaos that is the Senate; appear to be more deliberate than accidental. Really, can a party be so simple-minded that they would actually think that these choices will afford their candidate an equal shot at the presidency? Maybe, after the Bush sceniero, the Reds know that anything is possible (wink, wink). Or are the republicans delibrately handing the job to Barack? If the answer is the latter, my question is why???

(Insert Twilight Zone music)

P.S...If I pop up missing or harmed in a few days...they did it!!!

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mrsFAB said...

I wish that McCain would have picked a serious running mate like Condoleezza Rice. And Obama should have picked Clinton (go Hillary!). That would have really made this race interesting!!!