Thursday, November 27, 2008

Ask Doctors Shrim Pegg Phoo Young

We are not Doctors, but we listen to Dr. Dre...

Q: How long before you think it's okay to fart or #2 in your significant others presence?
After discussing this topic with colleagues, I have realized there are many perspectives regarding this subject matter. A friend of mine used to send her men home before embarking upon a powerful movement. I however feel no one should have to disguise a bodily function. I mean if we're in the middle of Pictionary, are you going to draw an exit sign to get me to leave? And who do you really think you're fooling when you randomly take out the trash or sprint to check the tire pressure on your car? I can smell what you're trying to hide Mr.! In my professional opinion I think it's never too early to enhance your relationship with natural essence. Use your manners, wash your hands and remember LOVE is in the air!
Rx prescribed by: Dr. Phoo Young
Dr. Shrim Pegg & Phoo Young what can a guy do to get his swag?
In my expert experience many would offer several changes that a man can make to get his “swag”. The top of the list would all point to exterior changes such as a new wardrobe, new footwear, a nice haircut and maybe even cologne. However, I beg to differ. The single best piece of advice I can offer you is as follows: Land you a woman that no one would believe would give you the time of day; someone completely out of your league. Now, it is my opinion that you don’t even have to really date this woman. Just be sure to be seen at several public functions with her. She can even be your cousin (as long as no one finds out). Women tend to gravitate to men once someone remotely appealing dates him. You may be quite raggedy and tore down, but once the young ladies see you with someone that she considers to be on or above her level, it will be…how do you kids say?....”On and poppin.”

Rx prescribed by: Dr. Shrim Pegg

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Marie Francois said...

OMG. . . I think sending your man home is a bit EXTREME ;) lol

And Jay-Z, and Biggie are definitely great case studies!

Marie Francois said...

You forgot Uncle Luke!

The Tenant said...

girls can smell a fake a mile away. As soon as they start talkin to him, they'll realize there is no swag.

poo poo advice ladies, lol.

The Vixen said...

Lol @ prescription #1, i would never be caught dead farting in front of a significant other as a matter of fact no one! if i have to do it i would excuse myself from the room...

prescription # 2 is true but only to a certain extent just like The Tenant said girls can smell a fake from a mile away what make a mans swag is his confidence, he can be dressed like a bum but once he knows what to say or do it goes a longgg way