Friday, November 21, 2008

Don't Leave Me High

It seems the more versed I become, the less enchanted my heart is. Sure it’s fun in the beginning, full of flowers, candy, hand holding, and future molding. Yet somewhere between calling off the guards and letting someone in lurks 808’s and heartbreaks. Okay more like restraining orders and dish breaking, but you get the point. Perhaps I’m being a bit too personal, too introspective, too cynical, too optimistic, too expectational and now I’m just being too revealing. But one thing I know, for sure, I’m too sober, because none of this madness leaves me high.

1 comment:

Booq Klub Memba said...

If deez da kind of wurds das gon be in da booq den i cant join.

usin all dem big wurdz an stuf.