Thursday, November 20, 2008

Us Can Read...

The first installment in the CocktailOur Book Club is Eric Jerome Dickey's "The Other Woman". This book is a very great read. It's artistic, funny and suspenseful. Grab your copy and dive in. Next month we will have our 1st "Sex in the County" party where we will drink cocktails, discuss this book and most likely talk about a crap load of other things that shouldn't be posted on this website. You WONT want to miss it. 

Caution: don't think you're going to be playing it by ear for free drinks and food. You should probably READ the book. We're the only ones winging it here.

Remember...What happens in the living room of our choice, stays in the living room of our choice.

Please leave your email in the comments section of this post so that we can contact you about the date, time and location of our "Sex in the County" events.


Anonymous said...

Sex in the county? I'm lucky to get sex in my region. . . .ohh. . .so lonely :(

Mel said...

I can't really leave my professional email here (because it contains my full first and last name PLUS middle initial) lol, but I am very interested in these Sex in the County events!!

Please send info to

Tiffany said...

I started a book club blog.Called BooksFubu.

Check it out

Young PR Group

The Vixen said...

i read this book it was really good....

i am interested as well in he Sex in The County event as well

send info to