Wednesday, February 4, 2009

How To Never Get A Guy...But Still Try.

I'm baaaaaack kiddies! So! 2009 hasn't been that eventful in the "relationship" department for me yet... well I'm lying but those stories would be too much for this blog. Plus I think some people are on to me and my "secret identity" now. Don't wanna get in trouble ;) LoL. HOWEVER, I do have some food for thought.

Let's make this interactive and get a dialogue going in this comment section!!

QUESTION: What do you think of sending dirty or suggestive pictures to someone through text or email?? What happens to them when you're no longer on good terms with someone?? Are you willing to mess up your next relationship (or political career) when they come back to bite you in the ass?? Just wondering. . .

Here's my take on the situation, and you can chose to agree or disagree. I think it's stupid! Who knows what will happen between you and that person tomorrow? You may decide that you hate him or her and now you have no control over what they'll do with photos of your genitalia. . . Next thing you know you're tagged all over MySpace with digitally inserted herpes warts (LMAO)!! and ooze drippin' from your parts (eww ok, that was a lil too far, but you all get what I'm saying). Even if they're not vindictive with your pics, you probably don't want your ex (or some dude/chick you just used to kick it with) that you can no longer stand the thought of "getting off" to some old pictures of your 'baby makers' they have stored away in their phone for the lonely times! Yikes.

There's nothing wrong with being a little naughty and spicing up your relations with a dirty photo shoot here and there (call me guilty!), BUT make sure you're in control of them. Delete Delete Delete!!!

Thank you, that is all. . . LEAVE A MESSAGE!!!!


Anonymous said...

I agree totally!

First off, people do dumb "ish" when they are young granted, but you do, however need to think about your future...unless you don't care, or are thinking about getting into the adult industry..DON'T DO IT!! lol

Dudes WILL show there friends (girls do it too just not as much), and whoever else is around. Ive seen it for myself (not of myself, but i hang around dudes)and not to mention they will Text them to numerous people and you will end up looking like a jawn (hoe, jummpoff ect...)!

its cool to be a "freak" but always think twice ;)

Sartorially Savvy said...

Welllllll... hmmmmmm... I really think it depends. I know people who've done it and regretted it, but I also know people who've done it, and have broken up with/no long talk to the person in possession of the pictures/texts/videos and it's worked out. Perhaps that's b/c both parties are on amicable terms. Of course, it has the potential to be a really bad situation... But, you have no way of knowing that at the time... I don't think it's something you should engage in off rip, that it should be something that you only engage in after developing a trust between the two of you... if the pictures have your face in them. If they don't then... worse case, deny deny, and when all else fails, outright lie!!

Anonymous said...

I have done it. I've made a video with my, at the time, boyfriend. Of course we cut and burned it after filming and watching it.

Hey...I'm no fool. For us, it was the excitement of actually making the video. Not keeping and sharing it. So I guess it served its purpose.

Nikki said...

I think you have to know the type of person your dealing with and sending then to. Do it with someone you trust and definitely their judgement. If you do decide to take the pics, just don't have your face in it!!!! I don't like the idea of having a pic floating around that is obviously me. If there's no face just say, "it wasnt me!" lol!

Anonymous said...

I think I'm on the fence with this one. Sure your image can be shared over the internet with millions or trillions of viewers, but some of the most publicized and talentless celebrities have made their introduction to hollywood that way. Kim Kardashian, Paris Hilton, Superhead. . . hey I'd say you're in good company!! Roll tape!!