Monday, February 9, 2009

Run It Back...

Is it inappropriate to ask for items that you've purchased after a relationship/friendship ends?

Woman 1...

I think it depends on what the items are and what they were purchased for. If you and your partner/friend/roommate were staying together and you bought something for the both of you to use, like a television, then I would say that its okay to ask for it back. On the other hand, if you bought your partner a gift, like a watch, then it now belongs to them. Its something that you bought for their personal use, and it would be unfair to take it back because you are no longer together. However, there are special circumstances to this situation. If I bought you a gift...say...oh....I dunno...a propane grill, a DVD player and a GPS system; I'm going to want those things back. Its definately not fair for you and your new wildabeast to eat dino drumsticks cooked on my grill, watch Jurrasiac Park on my DVD player, or find out how to get from here to the Baltimore Zoo while avoiding highways with my GPS system. What part of the game is that?

If you're thinking about asking an ex(friend, boyfriend, roomate, etc.) to return an item that you purchased, be fair and give them back what they have given you also. No, not the herpes and the burning sensation that you get when urinating. The gifts! You didnt think you were going to get off that easy did you? No ma'am. Why should you get to keep the battery operated socks, bit drill and Kanye West work out cd that he purchased for you, when he has to return the plasma tv, Cartier watch and Dolce' & Gabbanna sneakers that you bought him? This is an equal opportunity society here ladies.

And if you happen to know J or G tell them that I want my transmitter, grill, GPS system, DVD player and my drill back. We can work out a mutual location for the exchange later.

Woman 2...

Give him back what because it's fair? Fair is what you put on the bus. Okay that's the other fare, but you get my drift. If I purchased any item, no matter how small (socks) under the false pretences that we would have a flourishing relationship or at least make it pass "kicking it" I need you to run all my ish back!! That's right, I said it! I want the money for the lunch I brought to your job, the drinks I bought your broke, leeching friends and the DVDs I bought. As you can probably tell I've never bought any expensive gifts for a man. As a matter of fact I think the most expensive gift I've ever purchased was a DVD player, but I digress. It shouldn't matter how much the items cost, what matters is your violation of MY trust, waste of MY time and the nerve to think you should keep the items MY hard earned money acquired. I kid, I kid.

After the love is gone, you're more than welcome to keep the items I gave you. I didn't purchase them with the intention of getting them back and quite honestly if it only costs $50 to get rid of some low-grade beef, scratch that scrapple, then I'd say I got off cheap!! Happy eating, reading and warm feeting!! Hope your new girlfriend loves those socks!!

And if you know J or G tell them to give me a call. I love dino drumsticks over radio transmitted IPOD music.

Woman 3...

Sooo. . . my feelings on this topic are mixed:

To me it all depends on how the relationship ended. Usually I want nothing to remind me of you (friend or boyfriend) after it's over. I mean really, if I bought a man a gold watch and then ask for it back, what the hell am I going to do with it now?? I'm already out a non refundable $300, I can't give it to the next man and I can't wear it. Plus I don't need that ghost sitting my my nightstand drawer staring back at me every time I reach for my battery operated friend that I bought last week to replace you (LMAO I crack myself up)!!!

On the other hand, I'm not gonna lie, I've had my moments when upon breaking up I went straight to his closet and drawers ripping out everything that was paid for with my cash or credit! I'll be damned if the next chick w ill besleepin' on some sheets bought with MY money! That's just nasty and disrespectful. You better believe I've gotten those back in the past too! Even prescription glasses. Trust me you will be blind until you get your dough up to replace those Gucci frames yourself. I won't even care!

And yeah, I'll give you back everything you bought that's in my possession . . . you can have back that bootleg photo printer you bought me for Christmas just in time for Valentine's Day! I DON'T WANT IT! whew... calm down . . . Anyway, what I'm saying is whatever I gave you most likely out-prices anything you ever thought about getting me. . . so giving it back is nothing as long as I'm getting those shoes, those clothes I upgraded you with, the glasses, the watch, the PDA, the car stereo, the TVs. . . all of it! Just pile it in the back seat. I'll be back later for the rest of it! So, I guess my disclaimer at the beginning of a relationship with a man should be "Anything I buy you is only temporarily on loan until the day it's over between us. Please sign here. Thank you."

Hmmm. . . I guess I don't have mixed feelings after all. Even if we're still "cool" when everything has been said and done, just give me all my crap back so I can sell it to J and G. . . have you seen 'em?? I heard they're grilling drumsticks! Tell them I said I'll bring the beer :)


KeyMaker said...

Funny. I'm not giving back anything. Sike!!! I have never had a women give me anything but tennis shoes and I'm not giving those back(I have outfits to match them). The only thing I can say I have wanted back in the past from a young lady was the time I wasted getting to know her.

It's not wrong to ask for certain things back but only if you need them. Don't just let it turn into some reason to get back at someone. Cause once you have certain things you don't want them because of the memories they bring up. Plus my new women needs her Drumsticks so she can buy me other stuff that you didn't while you were here!!!LMAO

Sartorially Savvy said...

This is a one sided issue... I'd like to see a man TRY to ask for anything back he'd given... He might get the items back, as they fly close to his face, past his head or towards his mid-section. Also, another thing? Since when do girls buy stuff like that for dudes? I mean, I'll admit I haven't seriously dated anyone in a while, but even in my LONGEST relationship (3 yrs) I never got gifts like that that bared returning... it was me who cashed out on the Ellen Tracy crocodile pumps.... And no, I didn't ask for them back when it was over.