Friday, March 6, 2009

Mascara & Eyebrows

In my constant (losing) battle with acne, I've decided to enlist advice from the experts (mainly friends and family). To be honest I've tried it all from racial (black) soap to antibiotics and in the end acne always prevails. Today (well actually yesterday) I've decided to turn over a new leaf. As suggested I will drink water (yuck), reduce my fast food intake (I'm starving) and you guessed it. . .give up makeup. Don't get me wrong I'm not a four shadows on one eyelid kind of girl nor do the specialists at the mac counter call me by name, but I'm not comfortable leaving the house without concealer, mineral foundation, blush, mascara and eyebrows. . .need those brows. Recently I've been informed that the combination of my daily routine and my cookie monster appetite could bring all the bumps to the yard (not to mention blotchiness and dark spots). As I sift through the the contents that are my face, shedding tears as I toss the foundation, concealer, and blush (in my makeup bag. . .you didn't think I was throwing it away did you?) I find myself looking in the mirror. Sarcastically I greet my bumps, "Hello Mr. Leftside Acne. How's your wife? Slept in separate beds last night I see. She's chilling on the right side with the dark spots". I so desperately want to taser him with acne medication and concealer but I resist. He's a stubborn little thing. "Hello blotchy skin. I'm sure you'll get a lot of attention today. I know how you love it". After a few more tears (yes I cried. . .I'm only human), I gathered myself and drew the best eyebrows man has ever seen. That followed by one single, lonely, coat of mascara is all I have on today.

Say a prayer and pass me a biscuit (with extra gravy).


Sartorially Savvy said...

I too battle with the acne... *sigh* I'd like to note that you're still absolutely stunning... But nonetheless, my suggestion for keeping blemishes at bay is a healthy regiment of Neutrogena products... (holla at me for some specifics) and drink lots of water, cut down on greasy foods and sweets (my vice)... And in terms of additional skin care, try Aveda tinted moisturizer instead of your usual regiment of concealer... I've got an entire bag of tricks for combating this wicked monster...

Anonymous said...

I think that every African american regardless if your light skinned, medium, or dark skinned has to deal with acne including myself. To me and probably a lot other would agree with me when I say this you still probably look good without the mascara and the other items but I know its a personal choice. From the sounds of things your family and friends have given you some good ideals, for me I used neutrogena and it worked but I got tired of buying it every month. So what I have been doing to cut back on my acne is cutting soda out my beverage choices except of course when it comes to my midnight drink that includes soda in it but anyways during the day I drink more juices like cranberry, lemonade, tea and I at least try to drink one bottle of water a day and those things have help me decrease my acne. And I am sorry but I would not listen to thoses who tell you to stop eating fast-food or junk food because I know for me that is something that is not going to happen. Now good luck and I hope you find your own path towards making sure your marriage couple finds a new home because everybody's skin is totally different.

Quettajarob said...

I also suffer from acne. Its very strange because I am 22+ and just started my battle with acne. All my life I've had nice skin then "POW...right in the kisser." I must admit that its very frustrating, but I'm not going to stop eating anything! If my acne couple likes living in a duplex, its fine with me! When they decide to reconcile their relationship and move out, I'll help them pack.

On a lighter note: I realized that my breakouts could be coming from my weave (which I'm not giving up either) or a combination of products which I apparently wasn't supposed to combine. Either way, I washed the dye from my weave and reverted to using 1 product line at a time. I am happy to report that my acne is clearing up!!

And you look fine. Lets see how you look without the brows!

Mel said...

I definitely DON'T agree that all African Americans suffer from acne (though I certainly do). But it seems like almost all of my friends have perfectly lovely, brown, flawless skin. While I looked like a proactive before commercial from middle to early grad school lol

I'd advise you that mineral make-up is actually good for your skin. I use bare minerals occasionally and every time I wear it, my skin breaks out less for 3-4 days afterward. If you have old, pore clogging make-up on your brush already, however, that could be the problem.

Concealer is definitely a no-no though. Pore clogger all the way. And be sure you use a non-comedegenic (sp) moisterizer, because dry skin can cause breakouts as well. I never thought so before, because my skin is very oily and I was always trying to get it dry, dry, dry; but it's true. My dermy recommended Eucerine, but it actually broke me out (like evrything does). I now use L'Oreal, but everyone's skin composition is different. I also like Avon products.

And for blemishes, I use Aveeno fade cream, Lil' Kim style (JOKING -just on the dark spots. I use a q-tip for that). But it works wonders in a week nightly application. The dark spots are what make it so hard to go without makeup!

I guess I've typed a long enough novel, but this is a subject very close to my heart. Good luck! The water thing REEEEEALLY works, but it's hard to stick too. Try Crystal Light flavor packs!

Mel said...

*with* nightly application

Anonymous said...

That was good advice Mel.

The Tenant said...

Saying all african americans suffer from acne is like sayin all irish suffer from alcoholism.....

Maurice said...

Ok I think my comments of what I said the first time was taken out of context. All I was saying is that it doesn't matter your skin color as a african american acne is something that effects all colors. I am not just saying that every african american person has acne just look at the tv aids. But for the most part people know what works for them either through trail and error or from listening to someone elses problems.

Eventhough with that being said I am not a women and don't know what products to use and not use that is why reading miss mel comments it seems like she knows what she is talking about. But what I can say is sometimes when it comes to make-up its a personal decision and growing up with two older sisters I was able to see things first hand and say that women are just as beautiful without all the mascara and concealer on. Now I am not saying just go all natural but to do your lipgloss and smell goods. When it comes down to it I think we we look at each others to much from how we look from the outside vs. who that person really is from the inside.

Now when it comes down to it this lady, she is beautiful and is someone who probably really doesn't need to use make-up but likes to and is probably someone who needs to drinks a little bit more water which would probably descrease her opporunities of having a battle with acne spots on her face. Hopefully, by now she has has gotten some good advise and is able to put it to good use for getting the divorce of acne on her face she is looking for and I wish her Good luck.

theUNDRESSER said...

I HATE makeup. I love smooth skin, but I hate make up more, so for me, I rather see your imperfections than a weak attempt to cover them up.

in my opinion, you're very pretty, and if anyone thinks otherwise, they can keep it moving.


Anonymous said...

In my situation, I kinda get breakouts, but they aren't so horrible. Usually, there're just one or two pimples, but they tend to be HUGE! But this is what I used to do. Brace yourself. Pretty strict rules.

1) Exfoliate about 3 times a week. St. Ives Apricot Scrub is amazing. You don't want to do this everyday, because it makes the skin too sensitive.

2) Like everyone said, drink lots of water. Sodas don't cause acne, contrary to popular belief. But water replenishes cells in the body, as well as skin cells. So replace all the soda with water, green tea, and orange juice (Vitamin C helps with healing the skin)

3) Multi-vitamins always help. Centrum is bad for you, so talk to a GNC specialist. Oh, and Cod-Liver Oil (liquid or tablets) works WONDERS on skin and hair.

4) Dirt always gets trapped in the pores, so after exfoliating, steam your face. Doing this about 2-3 times a week for 10 minutes should improve your skin. All you need is steaming hot water, a bowl, and a towel. Bend over the bowl with the water in it so that your face is parallel to the water. Then place the towel over your head so that it covers the base of the bowl as well. YouTube probably has videos. Or you can get a face steamer for about $30 from Walmart or something.

5) When bumps start to pop up, there's this Clean & Clear Invisible Blemish Treatment that really does work. Since your skin tone is light, you should be able to wear it in the day without it being noticed because it's a clear gel.

6) Dark marks? You can always try skin lighteners. The best one that I've used is Neoprosone gel. It definitely works, but it should only be used DIRECTLY on the spot, and not the entire face. Metasol creme also works. Don't use more than one skin-lightening agent simulnously. Either or. And don't apply when going in the sun afterward. So it's best to apply and leave on at night before bed. Use a Q-Tip and rub the cream or gel in in the morning. You should see a difference in about 4-7 days.

7) St. Ives Firming Clay Mask is fun for a day you feel like putting on a mask, but it helps to make the skin firm and can even be used for spot treatments on bumps.

8) Cleanse, tone and moisturize. Cleanser: Neutrogena Deep Cream Cleanser or Noxema works.
Toner/Astringent: Clean & Clear Blackhead Clearing Astringent
Moisturizer: basically anything oil free and noncomedogenic. Clean & Clear and Neutrogena has some good ones.

If all else fails, Proactiv really works, but you have to stay on it. And visits to the dermatologist should do you good. That can get expensive though. Hope everything works out for you hunn!