Friday, March 20, 2009

The Top 5 Places to Find A Man...Or Not

We asked some of our readers where the top 5 places are, in any town, to find a man. The results were staggering...

1.The Barbershop- Most men go to the barbershop. There is something special to be said about the ones who go regularly. Not only can you land a man, but a so fresh & so clean looking man to boot. Even more appealing...the man to woman ratio is very high (unlike the real world)! Now go borrow your nephew and take him to get a haircut.

2. Autozone, Home Depot, etc...- Most men who frequent these places have one or more of the following three:
-Money to buy items from these stores
-A job that pays him to service/make things associated with these stores
-or the ability to service/make things associated with these stores.
Either way you'll find a man with money, a job or the ability to fix things when they break (even if he his unemployed).

3. The bookstore is great place to meet a man . . you can spark up some pretty thought provoking conversations

4. How about the elevator at a well known firm. If you ride up enough floors, I'm sure you'll run across some prospects. Just remember to bring along some business cards so you won't look like a complete crazy person (or desperate Debra). Who knows you may find a man and a job simultaneously.

5. You can find some "cultured" men in museums. . . just got to navigate through the gay ones.

(results in no particular order)

And the winners for the top 4 places to NOT find a man are:

1. Church- Everybody there has problems...thats why they're there. And if that gun and the blood are any indication...I'll be making my way to the exit right now.

2. The Club- All the men there just want to make love in it. Thanks Usher.

3. The Doctor's Office- You don't know what he's there for. Unfortunately you wouldn't be able to ask the doctor due to that stupid doctor/patient confidentiality thing. Thanks HIPPA.

4. The liquor store- Chances are, he just finished up that bottle he's holding and he's about to purchase his second. And it's only 3:00 in the after noon. I'll pass.


Sartorially Savvy said...

AAHAHAHAHHAAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Are we an endangered species? That hard to find?

Bebe said...

lol I love it esp both #2's :)

theUNDRESSER said...

well let's see here. I'm in the barbershop every week. In AutoZone atleast once a week. Rarely EVER go to the bookstore, I work for myself so no elevator for me, lol, and I do go to museums, but I'm always with a woman when I go.

I haven't been to church in a while, i don't drink, I don't go to clubs, and I go the doctor regularly....

and I have no desire to be in a committed relationship.

The whole problem with this entry, to me, AND ITS ALL LOVE, starts from the start....."FIND A MAN". If you want a real, long-lasting, TRUE relationship, then you shouldn't be looking......he should. There is no 100% guide to making it work, but certain things can put you above 50%.

Anonymous said...

don't go to the barbershop, we'll smell the desperation easy...