Thursday, April 23, 2009

Shoe Affairs...

We at CocktailOur have taken the appraoch to choosing shoes, that most men take with chosing women. We categorize them...

I'll Spouse Em'...
The Steve Madden Tyla
Although it's not likely that the marriage will last past this season, we still have strong feelings for this shoe. For a little over $100, divorce is a risk that we're willing to take.
Side Piece...
It's cute & sexy. Nothing like our spouse. Thats probably why we like it so much. Just like with dating this style of shoe is very easy to find for cheap.
N.Y.L.A "Isabel"
BabyPhat "Marianela"
Nine West "Kentaro"
Type Z "Hennelly"

One-Night Stand...
We like them enough. They serve their purpose. It could possibly turn into a shoe affair in the future, but with all the other shoes out there it'll have to work for its spot.
We'll see how things go, but no promises.
Colin Stuart "D-Ring Multiple-Strap Sandal"

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