Friday, May 29, 2009

Boyfriend # 2

Although I was never a fan of Pretty Ricky (or any of their member offspring) even before these saggy red panty antics I can't seem to escape Pleasure P's song Boyfriend #2!! Now contrary to what he wants to lead you to believe, being someone's sloppy second boyfriend/girlfriend is NOT [ I repeat ::: NOT ::: ] a good thing!! And most likely they're not going to even tell you that you're not number one.

Sooo now that I've got you wondering if you're holding a secondary status in someone's life here are some tips if you're just not quite sure...

If you only see her on the late night when she wants some strokes . . . then she gets right up and leaves, or makes you get out as soon as you bounce back. (this applies to both men and women) ·

If the only thing she says every time you call her is "I'll call you back later" in a hushed voice. She only calls you "baby" in text messages. Most likely she's hiding from her real man!

He won't take you to his routine eating spots. He'll leave you in YOUR OWN house to run and get some food and bring it back to you but he wont leave you alone in HIS house. He's probably not trying to run into certain people who know Girlfriend #1.

If he ushers you into his room as soon as you get to the apartment because he doesn't want his roommate's girl to see you: you're not the main woman he's been bringing to the house.

You counted the condoms and they're just not adding up because you know you only used 2 when you opened that last pack...

He's "just not in the mood" when you're basically throwing the goods at him! For real when is a guy not in the mood?

There's two toothbrushes, Mizani Shampoo and two towels in his bathroom... none of which are yours. "Nah girl, those belong to my sister, she was here last week" . . . and she set up shop?? yeah right.

If more than one of these applies to you then you are most likely boyfriend/girlfriend #2... or your significant other is just ashamed of you! Either way, not really a good look! LMAO yikes!What do you think of this whole Boyfriend/Girlfriend #2 business?

Feel free to add your own clues in the comments section!


Anonymous said...

Clearly one of you is girlfriend #2! SMH. . .do better ladies!

Anonymous said...

Yeahh. . .I challenge all girlfriend #2's to a grind off!! This ain't no beef. .. just a chance to show who's best!!

Sartorially Savvy said...

This is hilarious!!! All of this is avoidable if people just keep it 100% about their current situations... Also, fellas, if you find a pair of clippers, or liners at your "girl's" house... And you know she's no one's barber... Might be time to raise a few questions... Lol. You know *YOU* wouldn't just leave your joints just anywhere... so what makes you think another man would???

msjjohnson1 said...

Lol...i totally agree with all