Saturday, May 2, 2009

I Heard You Have The Fever For The Flava

It's 4am and I'm watching "27 Dresses". How have I never noticed James Marsden? He's so delectable, seems to have a good sense of humor, beautiful, sexy, gorgeous...did I say sexy? Anyway, after wiping the drool from the right corner of my mouth, I started to think. If, by some small miracle, I could fool this man into leaving his wife and being with me...I could never bring him home. He's white! I know...I's 2009, our president is mulatto, interracial marriage is on the rise and "regular" black women are going out of style like light-skinned men. I get it. I totally get it. However, I'm not sure how true this is for black women involved with white men. Yes, it definitely happens. I'm not arguing that it doesn't, but how often? More importantly, how acceptable is it in highly urban communities (in laymen terms...the ghetto)? I suppose this post is more of a question then a statement, so...

Do you think the black community is as accepting of black woman/white man relationships as they are of black man/white woman relationships? If no, then why not? Do you think its fair? Do these pants make my but look big?...Okay. Enough with the questions.

Here is some vanilla man-candy for you...Enjoy.

Brad Pitt

Brody Jenner

Hugh Jackman

Adrian Grenier

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