Friday, May 8, 2009

Let's Break Up!

As if we don’t have enough things to make us psychotic when it comes to dating!
I polled a number of women and men asking them:

What is the dumbest/silliest reason you’ve had for breaking up with someone or not wanting to date them anyone. I was surprised by some of these HILARIOUS responses I got. Some of them didn’t make the list so this is just a few. Here we go! No names, LoL

Women Stopped Dating Men Because:
1. His boobies were bigger than mine
2. He was gay (happens more often than you know, lol)
3. Couldn’t dress
4. He paid more attention to my chest than me (so annoying!)
5. His teeth weren’t white enough
6. Sloppy kisser
7. He wasn’t tough enough... too soft
8. He wore wedges in his soles to make him taller
9. A consecutive week of bad breath (yikes!)
10. Chapped lips
11. Ugly Feet (this is a popular one)
12. Dirty Nails
13. Went really long without a shape-up
14. Messy Eater (who wants to date someone they can’t bring to a restaurant??)
15. We had the same birthday
16. We had the same last name (LoL)
17. Messy drunk
18. Took more time getting ready to go out than I did
19. Took me to a shooting range on our first date (WoW! Better act like you’re having fun!)

Men Stopped Dating Women Because:
1. Her toes were ugly. . .
2. "Her breath stunk bad"
3. She was a king pin drug runner (I think he was actually serious too)
4. Liked her best friend (shame!)
5. The way she ate (guess no one like a person who chews w/ an open mouth!)
6. I saw her mom and knew what she was gonna look like when she got older (OMG)
7. Her voice was too high
8. Hairstyle
9. Wrong shoes (Get ya shoe game up ladies!)
10. She was talking about her yeast infections on our first date (NASTY!!!)
11. They wouldn’t beat their kids when they had some
12. She doesn’t perform acts with her mouth (I had to edit this one!)
13. She would always hug on me just because we were in public (marking her territory! lmbo)
14. She wasn’t popular. (LoL he said he was like 12 though)
15. We went on a date and she had on Air Force Ones

Let us know what your favorite break up excuses are!!


The Tenant said...

i'm surprised neither party said anythin bout the other gettin outta shape. Once those scales start leanin i start leaving.

Anonymous said...

OMG...that's a out of shape are we talking?

Anonymous said...

despised sleeping with him! Sweating monster and beady chest hair :-/

Le Moi said...

^^^^^ so nasty!