Tuesday, July 28, 2009

He Got A Big...Ah He Hem...Ego

I somehow got on the topic of dating and men while talking to friends. The conversation led to men and how their personalities reflect their actions in the bedroom.
[Sidenote: What I'm about to say next is completely preferential. Don't judge me...not that you know which one of us is writing this]

After thinking about this topic I had an epiphany. Mean men are the best lovers! If you didn't think I was crazy before let me help you out. I mean those obnoxious lawyers, agents, police officers and yes...even dopeboys. Those cocky men...the ones who think they own the world. Who think that they're the best at EVERYTHING they do. Who you probably cant bear to be around for too long or could never see yourself with seriously. Yes, him. He's bossy, pushy and maybe a bit over the top. He's Ari Gold, T.O. and possibly Diddy. Now this is not a known fact...I'm not saying that this is absolutely the case in every situation. All I'm saying is when I look back at it, it all makes sense. He thinks he's the best at EVERYTHING...and he's gonna prove it. Gonna make you know it.

Become a believer gals! The truth is out there :-)

[Question...is jump-offing an cocky man the equivalent to men who keep hoes on the side? Is it the same concept? They do know that they wont really be with the hoe right? But she serves her purpose and she's good at it. Thoughts?]


Barhynn said...

I agree with you to an extent. I think its the other way around. Men are driven by masculinity and strength. One of the most important things to a man (equal to money) is his dick (if i can be so vulgar). If a man is capable of having sex with and pleasing a woman/women he feels accomplished and deserving of a huge *clears throat* ego. Men that give good sex have big ego's because they give good sex and they believe it is justification for being assholes, etc. In addition to their knowledge of how bad a woman wants some good dick and how insecure most of us are. They know that after a few sessions with us, they can act however they want because we'll tolerate the behavior (for a certain amount of time, depending on age, maturity and self esteem) to have great sex. Jerks/men with big ego's are that way because they feel theyve earned the right to be. They dont call it cocky for nothing.

Cocktail J said...

Ha ha! So true. There are surely some men who have earned the right to be assholes...to an extent. Boy am I glady it's called cocky! Imagine if it were called "dicky" LOL.

Seriously though. I did not think of it in that light, but it makes a lot of sense.

Anonymous said...

I love cocky mean. But not all the cocky mean I've encountered are good in bed. But they were good at other things. ;)