Monday, August 31, 2009

Can I Add Cheese To My Double Standard?

Someone posted this video on Facebook today. When I initially watched it, my thoughts mirrored the comments of others who watched it. "Wow..this girl is pretty good". Then the cynic in me chimed in to say "but if she was black, this would be totally different". I don't know how many videos I've seen like this where viewers have been less than sympathetic to the little rhythmic black girl.

"But can she read?..."
"She'll be on a pole soon..."
"Where is she learning this from?..."
"This is a damn shame..."

The list of comments go on and on. I find it really strange that I saw none of these comments on this particular video. As a matter of fact, praises and kudos were thrown graciously to this little blonde girl who couldn't hold a dance candle to some other black children her age.

So my question is this...Why do we love or hate ourselves so much, that we are so critical of the things that our own people do? Yet we ignore those same things being done by those of other races.

White man taking groceries from a store in the eye of a flood...surviving
Black man doing the same...looting.


Tiff Marie said...

I feel THE SAME way
(although I did post this video on Facebook a while ago lol)
We (Black People) are indeed critical of ourselves, maybe sometime overly critcal.

However, I don't think that it's necessarily a bad thing. I hope that if someone see my [future] daughter winding up on a pole or wasting time when she could be studying that they check her, and keep her in line.

Society is judging us my harsher guidelines, therefore I feel like we should do our best to be above and beyond anyone's expectations of us.

The Tenant said...

How many white strippers do you know that can make their ass clap?

How many black strippers do you know?

Case closed.

Cocktail J said...

Son! White strippers can make it clap too! You've just never seen them.

The Tenant said...

oh as a porn and strip club connoisseur, I know some white girls can do it!

theVixen. said...

Dang, yea. This video is a double standard if I have ever seen one. This girl does have some moves but I know if this was a black girl, I don't know if that would have been the first thing I said. Anyway, everyone is stepping their game up nowadays. Great Post though!