Wednesday, September 30, 2009

A Big Butt & A Smile...

Most recently, I've become rather aware of the male physique. Only as I've matured, have my attention been drawn from an attractive face and nice shoes, to a great body and nice teeth or jawline. The older I get, the more sexually aware I become. The oddest thing struck me today. I was thinking about what it is about a man that drives me crazy. Like what is that one thing that you love about someones body? For a lot of men it would be butt or breasts, right? But women don't seem to have that much to choose from concerning the physical make-up of a man without getting too vulgar. The moment I pondered this question, I immediately knew my answer. The forearms. It's the strangest thing, but I love a man's forearms. Drives me crazy. I don't know if its because they signify strength to me, or if I'm just some kind of a freak. But I tell you, the littlest things about them make me so warm. Like the way that they're accentuated by his watch, or the way he rolls/pushes his sleeve up to his elbows or the way the veins move when he flexes his fingers...Um...Um.

What is your "thing"? What is it about the opposite sex's body that turns you on. Not the normal thing...that odd thing that most people may not get. Do tell...

Friday, September 18, 2009

Butterfly in the Skyyyyyyy....

I'm reading Dan Brown's new book "The Lost Symbol". If anyone would like to join me, here is your chance. He is a great author and his books are, in my opinion, the best fiction printed. Please don't let the cheesy Tom Hanks movies sway your opinion on his work. His books are sooooo much better than the movies. They're the perfect blend of fact & fiction...very informative and extremely intense. Be prepared to have everything you believe in effectively questioned and disputed. I'm convinced that his is the only fiction where you actually feel smarter after reading it. Amazing.

Anyhow...Pick it up at any retailer. I'm gonna add a link to the side so that you can pop in to discuss the book with me if you decide to read it. Maybe I'll post some questions or whatever to keep the convo going. Something tells me that I'm going to be talking to myself though. I'm sure CocktailOur viewers don't read...all two of you. Prove me wrong.

Just kidding.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

I Have A Dream...

Have you ever had a dream that made you look at someone in a different light? Dreams can be so real sometimes. They can make you hate someone, and make you hump someone that you know you have no damn business humping.

My dreams have made me fall victim to a few dates that never should have been. But the most recent one...this is the big one. I think I'm gonna be joining Elizabeth after this one.

I'll keep you posted.

BTW...Am I the only one affected this way by wet dreams? How many of you have let someone gain an appeal point because of a steamy dream? I know somebody out there has been looking at Oprah a little differently after eating before bed once or twice. I can't be the only one.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

If you have time...

Wear white after labor day...who in the hell made that lame rule anyway?

Tell somebody to shut up. Sometimes people just need to be told to shut the hell up.

Splurge on something, even if its not for you.

Do something nice for someone.

Change something undesirable about you.

Acknowledge and admire three desirable things about yourself.

Take someone to lunch.

Try something new.

Go out alone...spend the day with yourself.

Let something go that you've been holding on'll feel 10 lbs. lighter.

and most importantly...tell someone about CocktailOur