Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Everything They Told You Was True

I am ashamed to say that I don't take much of anything seriously. Even the most common of warnings go in my right and out of my left. Today, however, I got a cute little wake up call in the form of a Twitter follower.

Aaaah Twitter, the wonderful platform for you to voice your opinions, build a following and quite possibly brand yourself. A couple of months ago, due to strange stalking activities, I made a decision to "protect my tweets" by making my Twitter profile private. The consequence? A decrease in my follower requests. Now, what fun is Twitter if you don't have a gang of ninjas walking with your clique though? So, to increase my followership (yes, I made that word up), I unprotected my tweets. Bad move!

Listen to me carefully. If you are currently in the process of finding employment, changing careers or even in the middle of a legal battle protect every social network you have! Unfortunately, I have been known to say a few inappropriate things here and there. Imagine my surprise to discover that my interviewer had began to follow my tweets. Protected & Blocked! But was it too late? I suppose I'll find out tomorrow during my interview.

Although I understand the purpose, I find it quite unfair that employers dig so deeply into the personal lives of employees. Your freedom of expression and interaction is hardly a fair trade-off for a decent paying career. Hardly fair. What's next? Will I be fired for wearing thongs? Are high-cut briefs the only acceptable undergarment for the workplace? Protect your panties people! The man is ah lurking.


Sake said...

Recently i posted something on Twitter that landed me in a mental hospital for 5 days, after being arrested and investigated by the FBI. They showed up to my house to "interview" me and hauled my ass to a mental hospital. The FBI continued to "interview" my old roommates in Baltimore for weeks after the Tweet. It is not a game!

Cocktail J said...

Thats ridiculous. At what point does this "Twitter Monitoring" become an invasion of privacy? I say a lot of things that I don't mean...in real life and on social networks. Is that not our right? Smh...