Monday, November 16, 2009

Uhm. . . Okay, but I was expecting MORE

Sooo have you ever had sex with someone and remember it being the best thing ever?! You build this huge anticipation for the next giddy-up but when you do it. . . ehh not so much.

I hate those total let downs! A recent encounter made me never want to do it with this person again. I couldn't even get excited enough to continue after a while. It was like the Sahara Desert down there! My mind started wandering and I was going back in my memory bank trying to remember "was I drunk the last time?? Was he?? Okay, now what can I do to speed this up a bit"Maybe next time give him a shot of ginseng and an energy drink!

1 comment:

Cocktail J said...

Lol...somebody needs some RePhresh. Lmao...