Thursday, December 10, 2009

Stop Fooling Yourself

Recently, I've been hearing a very familiar question from a lot of guys. Guys of all shapes, sizes & nationalities seem to be plagued with the same staggering issue. "Why don't women like good guys?". Usually I just lie and make up excuses about why this may be. But no more!!! I have turned over my lying ways and I will share with you, my friends, the truth!

You ready?

Brace yourself...

Maybe you aren't as good of a guy as you think.

Thats it. No elaborate explanation, no good man ego feeding and no "you'll appreciate it more when you find a good woman" bullcrap. I used to ask the same question about men. It plagued me as to why men always say that they want a good woman, but never appreciated me when they got me...they dropped the ball. Then I realized that I was only an okay woman. I nagged, I was mean and uber non-affectionate. I was a man in a skirt. A transexual.

I digress. I think we should all use our brains when it comes to this situation. Do you honestly believe that a man or woman who proclaims to be, and is, such a good catch will stay on the market long? Heck no! All of the good men I know are taken. So maybe you should look at yourself and evaluate your goodness honestly and objectively. You may not be as tasty as you think.

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