Wednesday, December 23, 2009

What Boredom has Taught Me

1. Celebrity blogs don't have enough updates

2. Work is really a ploy to help "the man" keep an eye on you

3. Water is most delicious when there's nothing else to drink

4. Holiday cards make for great origami

5. My phone never rings when I actually want to chat

6. Nick and Mariah will never mesh

7. My aversion to cover letters forces me to only apply to jobs that don't require them

8. My under arm hair keeps me warmer than my sweater
(note to self: more is always more)

9. There's no better role model than Amber Rose $$$$$

10. Fake butts trump substance every time

1 comment:

My Space said...

True thing about the phone not ringing when we actually want it to.

btw nice tagline