Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Please Excuse If I Come Across Rude

It is quite a culture shock to find out that everything you stood for was a lie. About a two years ago, I experienced the end of a very long and dysfunctional relationship. This summer, I began to get a little lovesick. Not for my ex-boyfriend, but for a man in general. I just missed the company and the dependability of having one at home. I always thought that I wanted another nice man who would rub my feet, take me out and cuddle with me at night. I had this idea in my mind for a while after almost a year of being alone. Then along came a spider…

He was rude, a tad bit aloof, made fun of me… and did I say rude? He said the weirdest things to me, wouldn't rub my feet and acted as if the world was his on rental to the rest of us. He and I didn't work because of other reasons. But I will say that despite those things, that man made me realize that what I thought I wanted, was not what I wanted at all. I want someone who’s funny, someone who shocks me, someone a bit over the top. Someone like…me. Who knew?

They always say that opposites attract…and I totally get it. But how long can you be around someone who is your polar opposite? How can it work if you don’t find the same things funny, or don’t handle situations the same? How long before opposites can’t function because they’re too different?

Anyhow, my quest has changed. It’s very unlikely that I’ll find a man who is just like me; and that's very disappointing. Hopefully I will come close. I’m actually wondering about what else I’ve been missing out on while I was looking for Mr. Nice.

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