Monday, January 25, 2010

Thinking In Pig Latin

I wonder if backwards thinking is something you have to grow out of & how many of us actually make it out of this delusional state.

I had a conversation with a friend and he told me a story of how he had put tons of energy into wooing a girl who wasn't into him. He bought her gifts and made her things, really really sweet and heartfelt gestures, and in turn she went and got herself a crappy boyfriend. Naturally, after trying his best to win her over and being rejected, his feelings were hurt. When I asked him if he has done any of those things for the woman that he is currently seeing he stated something to the effect of "no, because she already likes me". Huh? So let me get this right. You treat a woman who clearly doesn't like you like a queen, but the one who is obviously smitten by you is treated like a peasant? How is this right? More importantly, how can you be mad at the woman who didn't like you when you knew she didn't like you to begin with? Who's fault was it that you pursued a woman who didn't want pursing? It's basic math.

Logical: (she likes you) + (you like her) = treat her well
Illogical: (she doesn't like you) + (you like her) = treat her well until she likes you
Logical: (she doesn't like you) + (you like her) = Eff that hoe & keep it moving

I'm pretty sure that this man isn't stupid. I'm starting to wonder how many of our issues could be solved if we actually thought about things before we did them. When will we learn to strategize in life, instead of just living? How many of us actually sit down and think about things logically instead of being driven by our emotions? I'm inclined to believe that life would be much easier if we would just take the time to think things out.

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Betterdaysahead said...

Coming from a man point of view I guess I see this post differently. The reason why is because the logic in this story is about the girl who accepted those gifts. Yes, the guy could have fairly well been someone who she didn't like but I also assume she didn't tell or show this guy that while receiving those gifts. Then after turning a guy away that really cares about her she finds herself in the same position that he was in with a person who doesn't care about her. In addition, yes it kind of wrong to treat the new relationship different but sometimes you have to simply because material things should not be the bases for a relationship to work. This new girl could fairly well be getting those gifts in the future but right now she is maybe getting the best gift any women would like to have a good guy who care about her and also values that gifts are now given out to represent the feelings two people have for one another.