Tuesday, March 30, 2010

When The Tables Are Turned/I Call Bullshit

Have you ever noticed that in relationships the prey eventually becomes the predator? I will never understand how people who are normally cheated on, taken advantage of and or lied to get into new relationships where they aren't abused and in turn begin to cheat, take advantage and lie. I would think that common sense would arm you with the ability to know how it felt when it was done to you, then allow yourself to not do it to anyone else. I don't buy the bullshit excuse that those who are abused eventually become the abusers. Who you become is a choice.

Am I the only person who is tired of grown adults using their past relationships as excuses to screw up their current ones? New relationships are the ultimate 2nd chances. They are the quintessential do-overs. If every relationship you have ends up the same, maybe you're the issue. If all of your ex's became "annoying"..well, maybe its you! When will we spin the mirrors around and begin to look at ourselves as the source of our life's failures? We have become way too easy on ourselves. Maybe we should start calling one another on our bullslhit.

Today, I challenge you to perform two tasks:

1. Call yourself on at least one thing that you've been blaming on someone else. It may be failed relationships, poor work ethics, bad credit...whatever. Just acknowledge it and accept responsibility for your actions.

2. Call a friend on their bullshit. One of the most common reasons that we continue our reckless behavior in life is because we have family and friends who support it. Sometimes all it takes is for someone to call you out for you to acknowledge your actions and fix them. Do you have a friend who is ruining their life? Call that bitch out!

Do it in the comments section...or not. But do it. I'm gonna start first...


Cocktail J said...

I call bullshit on myself. I am way too nonchalant when it comes to men. I pretend that I don't care, and I push them away. I've been doing it forever. Some stick with it...and most don't. I'll take responsibility for that... I'm just afraid of coming off as clingy. I couldn't bare to show how much I like someone and for them to just trample over my feelings. It's so much easier being played when you pretend you didn't really care to begin with.

I call out my friend "Whitney Houston"...you know who you are. I can't believe you don't know how great you are. I wish that you would stop looking at your flaws and look at all of the strengths you have. Cut your bullshit!...before I cut it for you.

msjjohnson1 said...

This is just people in life making excuses for everything...I call myself out on BS all the time...If everyone did it the world would be a better place.