Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Who Cheers the Cheerer?

Do you ever feel like you're the person who everyone goes to with their problems? What a heavy load to bear. I love helping my friends...I really do; but what does one do when everyone relies on them for help? Who is supposed to help me when I need it?

Sometimes I feel down right crappy. I get mean, angry and sometimes even sad. I know that its normal because I deal with it from my friends and family on a regular basis. The craziest thing is that when my turn comes, nobody wants to deal with it. I always get "you're mean today...I'll talk to you tomorrow" or "I'm not feeling any positive vibes". Well so fucking what? I'm not happy all the damn time! Do I say those things when you dummies mope around me with your whining, complaining and depression? No, I don't. I deal with it. I make you laugh. I do what I think is necessary to make you feel better. So, tell me...why am I not afforded the same when its my turn to mope?

Who is the fixer supposed to turn to when she needs fixing? Who cheers the cheerer?