Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Who Cheers the Cheerer?

Do you ever feel like you're the person who everyone goes to with their problems? What a heavy load to bear. I love helping my friends...I really do; but what does one do when everyone relies on them for help? Who is supposed to help me when I need it?

Sometimes I feel down right crappy. I get mean, angry and sometimes even sad. I know that its normal because I deal with it from my friends and family on a regular basis. The craziest thing is that when my turn comes, nobody wants to deal with it. I always get "you're mean today...I'll talk to you tomorrow" or "I'm not feeling any positive vibes". Well so fucking what? I'm not happy all the damn time! Do I say those things when you dummies mope around me with your whining, complaining and depression? No, I don't. I deal with it. I make you laugh. I do what I think is necessary to make you feel better. So, tell me...why am I not afforded the same when its my turn to mope?

Who is the fixer supposed to turn to when she needs fixing? Who cheers the cheerer?



Youknowwhoitis said...

Miss please! Everytime I ask if you're alright, you don't want to discuss it. I sing songs, put on my best Dr. Phil voice and throw a little Maury in there, for good measure and still no progress. You don't want to be cheered up or have anyone talk you through your problems. Sell that bull somewhere else. Cocktailour doesn't deal in lies.

Cocktail J said...

Shut up crackhoe.

Le Mamba Noir said...

This brings to mind "Save The Hero" offa "I Am...Beyonce". I feel the same way sometimes...bitch I aint Comedy Central 24/7!