Monday, September 27, 2010

Watch My Shoes

"Gutta why they started me? Marly why the started me? I'll bring it to your front door like ya ordered me."

Did God write this lyric to keep me in check? I swear he did. You ever have a situation where you're possibly questioning what you know is a right decision? Then the universe says...awww hell no and brings you some crap from so far left-field that you have to just say..."Okay. I get it." If not, I envy you. I swear it seems like the universe is connected to my life. It brings all kinds of signs and signals and drops them right in my lap. I can't even BS around with the argument that I just didn't know. As soon as I even attempt...God sends a skank to my front door! To my front door! Just to remind me to stick to my head and not question my decisions.

I feel like I'm in "The Yes Man." I'm waiting for an old decrepit white man to tell me it's all a crock. I guess until then I should listen to the universe and stick to the things I know are right.

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