Monday, October 18, 2010

Back Pocket Option

Man meets lady. Lady is well accomplished, beautiful, smart, charming. Man and lady date. Man revels in lady's womanhood and unmatched ability to bring a sense of peace and calm into his life. Man is unable to uphold the bond or commitment he made with lady. Lady moves on. Man calls twice a week to re-establish or maintain his place in lady's life.

Lady becomes a back pocket option.

Not sure where I'm going? Think about when you first learned how to cook. Perhaps the first meal you mastered was spaghetti. It's hearty, delicious and paired with salad and bread can make for a pretty impressive display. One day someone introduces you to the fine art of steak. Steak leads to lamb, lamb leads to duck etc. . . etc. In your quest for variety you neglect spaghetti for a while. Until one day you remember just how hearty and dependable it was. Spaghetti never let you down. Hell if you were low on cash, spaghetti was there. If you wanted that 5 star gourmet restaurant experience, spaghetti could do that too. But somewhere in the midst of steak and lamb, spaghetti became as American as apple pie rather than the exotic Italian dish the makers of Ragu intended it to be. At that moment it dawns on a man. If he were ready to make a long-term commitment to one meal, spaghetti would be it. From that moment forth he includes spaghetti on his weekly grocery list in anticipation of the day he grows tired of pursuing its temporary replacement. He may never even make the damn meal, but he'll hold the ingredients in his pantry until their expiration date. Spaghetti has become to him what millions of good women are to men, a back pocket option.

All My Back Pocket Ladies

You're the woman he would like to settle down with after and only after, he has soiled is royal oats. So somehow between now and then he has to remain relevant and make sure you remain single. How many of your exes still call or want to spend time with you? Now how many of them call and want to re-establish commitment? Out of those who do, how many do you believe will be faithful or are actually ready? Face it, you're spaghetti in a world of steak and lamb. Now don't get me wrong, there's nothing wrong with spaghetti. Hell , based on this highly coveted food matrix I've just created, spaghetti is the Lena Horne of foods. The key is to date a man who is ready for spaghetti.

As a matter of fact, date one who ALREADY knows spaghetti is his favorite meal.

*Disclaimer** This article is in no way about spaghetti or meal variety.

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