Sunday, July 3, 2011

Certain Restrictions & Limitations Apply

I come across a fair share of hypocrites in my day to day, but none disturbs me more than the young conscience black.  You know them. They preach to you all day on Twitter and Facebook; telling you that they only want for their people to be free. The more and more you listen to them talk, the more you realize that their idea of freedom comes with certain restrictions and limitations.  Way to hide the fine print.  

It never seizes to amaze me that these same conscience people consider you to be free...if you adhere to their understandings and beliefs.  So all means be free black people; as long as you don't have relaxed hair, or wear perfume, or subscribe to any form of organized religion, or support major corporations, or dress too worldly, or listen to any genre of music other than neo-soul...and Goodness forbid...please don't waste your money on any form of entertainment other than independent films with subtitles and/or documentaries.

So free.  I wonder if they realize that they are everything they reprimand me for being.  You tell me not to relax my hair because chemicals that close to my brain can't be healthy...yet you smoke weed every day.  You tell me that I spend too much money to conform to the white man's standard of beauty...yet "natural" hair products cost double the price of what I pay.  You tell me not to eat pork because it's bad for my body...yet, again, you smoke weed for breakfast, lunch & dinner.  You frown upon any form of religion.  GOD forbid we believe in anything; it's all about self-thinking right?  However, it's okay for you guys to worship "mother earth" and form your congregations centered around like-minded beliefs   

I don't get it. How can a group of people who claim to promote freedom for our people put so many unspoken restrictions on what we're free to do?  Why so judgmental? Why does my decision to wear my hair straight make me any less productive than you?  True revolutionist recognize that their decision to be who they want is precious and that every person should have the same freedom to decide; even if those decisions aren't in tune with their own.  I wonder how they're going to feel when they realize that they're going out of their way to be different but ending up looking just like every other "modern-day revolutionary" who's attempting to do the same.  It's going to sting a little bit.