Friday, November 4, 2011

The New & Improved Model

A lot has changed since the 1900's.  There was once a time when men and women had specific roles and duties.  The man was the provider and the woman the nurturer/homemaker.  This worked pretty well until the age of feminism.  Now I know that feminism brought a lot of hassle, but in the long-run it worked out well for everyone.  Oddly, feminism benefited men more than anyone.  Think about it.  Not only does she still have to birth, nurture and support those babies...but the bitch has to bring in money too!  Cha-Ching!!!  We got what we asked for right?  

What bothers me about this entire evolution of the female species is the fact that the men haven't changed a bit.  We've added many new feathers to our hats, but what workload has increased for men?  Not only in the past 100+ years has the man's load gotten lighter, but he still requires more from women than ever before!  I honestly and truthfully don't get it.  Everyday I see advice for women on how to keep her man, support her man, encourage her man, look good for her man...yadda yadda yadda.  Why?  We're cooking, cleaning, working and supporting and still aren't allowed to expect a thing from you until you're "mature" or "ready" enough to be a man.  Yesterday some broad even suggested that I should shut up and let my grown ass man watch South Park because he "works hard as fuck" and deserves it.  Bitch what do you think I do all day?  I work hard too.  What distinguishes his needs from mines because we surely split the bills.  Until he's paying the majority of our expenses you can miss me with that.  I think men need some stuff added to their repertoire.  Push some of these damn brats out or learn to bake cakes.  There has to be some kind of trade off. 

We're the new and improved model woman, but our counterpart still carries a club and wears an animal-skin toga.  Yall need to step up before we start fucking robots just to feel equal.

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Mr. Fuck YoCouch <---it's French said...

That last part about "Fucking Robots" was hilarious. Women have every pussy, clit, titt & ass toy known to man so you're already "fucking robots" Anyway I completely agree with you when you say men have it easy. The problem that I have is that women don't hold men to a certain standard. I love you guys to death but you dont know what power you have. Yes we are cavemen. That means we are stupid. We went out & killed the biggest tiger or mammoth to impress you or to get the mate that was going to say hay he is a provider. But nowadays women want to live the life they see that another woman is living. If they have kids they dont want to be mothers. If they are married they want to be single. If they are built(implants & surgery)beautiful they want to be something they are not. Accept who you are & take resposibility for your actions & who you are. Don't be the next bitch. & the power that I speak of is the power that allows you to choose your mate not accept your mate. You can make a man better. We as men are stupid. We will do anything to impress or gain the attention from a woman. We have cut off our ears, we have fought & gone to jail, been killed & killed. We have moved across seas & time zones all for the love & attention from a woman. But when you get what you lined yourself up for or accepted it in your life now we are the problem. I was taught at an early age to treat women with the love and respect that you would want your mother, sister or child treated with. So I open doors, pull out chairs, pay for meals, send random poems, tell her how much I care or lover her, let her know that she is the most beautiful woman in the world, cook for her, cater to her, I even go as far as walking closer to the curb! I hope you get my point but I also let her know what I expect in a woman & expect for her to tell me what she expects from me. So when things get out of wack we can revert to what we set out for in this relationship. I hope to see the day where men will act like men but that is only taught by other men & required by women. Men aren't asking you to do anything else but be you but don't lose site of yourself to keep a get or keep a man. If you're strong we have no choice but to be strong too. Yes our society isn't perfect but we have room to improve. Don't dog us unless your being dogged. If you have a problem with men maybe you really have a problem with not being the woman that you wanted to be & now blame us. Not good.