Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Act Like A Lady, Date Like A Man

Steve Harvey doesn't care about black people. Okay. Maybe he does, but if he cared about black women like he says he does then his book would've been called "Act Like A Lady, DATE Like A Man." Let's face it. Most of his book was probably a crock of BS, but he was right about at least one thing. Women need help learning how to date.

Now who you date is your own responsibility. I really can't help you in that department. What I can tell you is that my dating life is the most fulfilling right now than its ever been. How, you ask? I'm dating like a man. A friend of mine gave me some great advice a few months ago. I thought I was only half-ass listening to it, but turns out I subconsciously adopted some of her ramblings. I'm going to give you a very short list that will almost instantly fix most dating issues you're having right now. Ready? Here it goes:

- Date a LOT of men. You're single. The reason you get so caught up in being rejected when dating is most likely because you're dating one person. You're sitting around waiting for the attention of this one person and he knows it.  Newsflash...the more men you date the happier you'll be. Everyone is fighting for a spot which means more free dinners, more nights out and more gifts. Not to mention the less time you spend with a man the more he seems to want you. Why pretend to not have time for him when you can really be out not having time for him?

-Use somebody. I know this sounds mean, but men do it. They always have that one woman they know they have no intentions on being with but can use her for sex while they're whining and dining the women they really want to be with. Take a cue from them. The reason you'll be desirable to the men you really want is because you won't be sleeping with them. You won't need to because you'll have your fuck dummy. I know it's harsh, but all is fair in love and war.

-Don't let them dwindle. I know it's difficult but you must press on. What usually happens is we may start off with an arsenal of guys then they kind of start to fall off one by one. Usually this is because you start to take more of an interest in one guy. You start to spend more time with him and before you know it, you have a one man team. You can't let that happen. Why? Because you'll never give the other guys a chance. If you follow your feelings you'll just end up with the same type of guy you ended up with in the last three relationships. They were essentially the same guy right?

-Don't rush it! The most important advice I can give you. Women want to rush everything. Don't put time limits on everything. Just because you've been dating for 6 months doesn't mean you have to be exclusive. Let things go where they may. If you are dating enough men then timelines won't even matter to you anymore. You'll be too busy to worry about when you can call him your boyfriend and have to deal with silly shit that wouldn't even exist if you were smart enough to just enjoy being single.

Anyway, that's it. Have fun being a hoe!


ciara said...

Love it!

SaharXXS said...

lol. "That's that shit I DO like."