Friday, February 15, 2013

Shopping For A Glass House

It's funny how we see potential as a good thing but ignore it as a negative.  All potential isn't positive. It's weird how we'll stay with someone based on their potential to get a real job, stop being a child and somehow become a productive member of society. However, I don't see many women calling it quits over a man's potential to not be great.  How many women do you know that have cut a man off after noticing that he had the potential to possibly beat her a...? (I gave up cursing for Lent.)

I know a woman who is "dating" an unavailable man. She isn't my friend so I don't feel the need to try to help her, but maybe telling you her story can help you.  This man happens to be on the verge of a break-up.  The break-up gets ugly sometimes and both parties in the relationship are responsible for this.  However, this woman almost ALWAYS has something negative to say about this man's potential ex.  She blames this woman for everything that happens in this relationship.  She's very vocal with her idiotic idea that this man is seeing her, while still involved with another woman, because she is somehow better than his current situation. She sits back and takes great joy in this man being the source of her "competition's" hurt.  She laughs about it and not so quietly waits her turn.  I have even heard her say something about this woman needing to "learn her lesson".  I am so flabbergasted.  Don't ever get so caught up in pointing out other people's lessons that you miss your own.  It's right in front of your face!  Does this woman not see that everything she's supporting this man in doing is most likely going to be her future?  What makes us think that everything we watch a man do to someone else somehow falls out of his system once he decides to stop putting us on a back-burner?  It's funny because we all see your demise light-years before you see it.  The best advice I can give you is to just mind your business.  If you're going to be involved with an involved man you need to know your place.  Their relationship is not of your concern.  Save yourself some embarrassment and keep your opinion on the situation to yourself.  People don't forget about the statements you made once you're the one on the receiving end of the abuse.  No one forgets that you thought it was cute and amusing when it was happening to someone else.  There goes your sympathy.

Nothing is more rewarding than watching a self-righteous relationship meddler change her tune.  I've watched this woman's social networking posts go from all smiles and heart emojis to pure dismay.  I can't say that I feel sorry for her.  I am very observant of how people treat their ex's.  You may think it's unimportant to you at the time, but you will most likely be an ex as well.  That shoe is real tight once it's on your own foot.

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