Wednesday, February 27, 2013

We Are Not The Same...I Am A Martian

This morning I came across an article about a 6 year old boy whose parents are suing his school district.

Before I begin this post I need you to understand that this is half my blog and I can write what I want. Before you decide to attack me for my opinions I need you to understand that I am quite skilled in the art of malicious attacks and I will win.  I'm glad we got that out of the way.

What is this boy's parents suing the school district for? Because he's living his life as a girl and they won't let him use the little girls' bathroom.  I will not go into whether or not a 6 year old boy should be living his life as transgendered.  I don't even have the time nor energy for that conversation.  I would, however, like to discuss why I think it's wrong for this kid's parents to wage war on this school.  I'd like to mention that the school did offer the little boy the option to use the nurses' and teachers' facilities but his parents declined. They feel that he should be afforded the same opportunities as other little girls his age. That's perfectly fine...except he's not a little girl.

I am totally with the idea that some kids are just born gay. I've grown up with some kids who vogued out of the womb.  What I'm not okay with is the idea that because you suffer an adversity that it means everyone around you must adjust to accommodate your adversity.  This kid's parents have zero consideration for the fact that demanding "equality" for their kid could possibly mean a very unnecessary shake-up for a lot of 6 year olds. I know what you're saying...these kids will have to accept the fact that there are transgendered people living among us.  I totally agree...but not at 6.  It really really bothers me that parents use these very innocent children as martyrs for their own causes.  Do you think this kid wants to be the crusader for all kid trannys?  I doubt it.  He just wants to live and be a happy, accepted kid just like the rest of the stupid little children in the world.  Instead of thrusting your child into an environment where he will suffer why don't you put him where he's loved and accepted?  I know that he'll have to learn to adjust to the resistance at some point...but not at 6.  At 6, these parents should be instilling in this child the idea that he is loved, and beautiful...not different.  The other lessons will definitely come later.  Call me crazy, but I'd be in no hurry to throw my child into the lion's den.  If their kid was deaf would they just send him to public school and demand that the school creates a class for deaf children?  No. They'd send him to a school where there are teachers who specialize in the education of children with hearing issues.  I hate to compare being gay (which we aren't even positive that this kid is) to a disability, but it is what it is.  In the world we live in this is not considered "normal".  That's life. Life isn't fair, life isn't forgiving.

When we (blacks) couldn't go to their schools, join their organizations or shop in their stores, we created our own.  Guess what it did? It worked. It made us happy. It made us comfortable to be able to just sit at a desk and learn without having a book thrown at the back of our head.  Eventually things changed...we integrated.  But having that option made the transition a whole lot better.  Please stop using these kids as pawns to change the world.  Being a martyr should be a choice.

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