Sunday, May 26, 2013

Harvest Season

Sometimes we forget how important gardens are.  They nourish us.  They sustain us.  Without them our species could perish.  The most important thing I've learned lately is that you must be weary of who you let plant in your garden.  Sometimes the people we let plant there have no business with their hands in our dirt.  Some are unknowledgable, some have malicious intentions and some are just trying to get into your garden to see what you have planted there.  Not all of your farmer buddies want to see your garden flourish. Some of them just want to be the only one with an abundant garden.  They want you to look at them and say "Damn, I wish I had a garden like him." They'll tell you what to plant, when to water it and how often to harvest if you let them.  Then one day you'll look up and your garden will be a festering mess. You've let everyone and their hoe into your garden and now you're left with barren land and a growling stomach.  And guess what?  You've spent so much time letting them experiment in yours that they've figured out what works and what doesn't for theirs.  Now they have an abundant crop that they'd never let you lay a hand on...because, after all, look at how you've ruined your own.

So, be careful of who you let plant in your garden.  The only people who truly belong there are the ones it's feeding anyway.

Yes...I did partake of natural green earth today.  What's your point?

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