Wednesday, June 19, 2013

All My Life I Had To Fight

The most difficult lesson I've learned about black people is that we've grown accustomed to fighting for everything. So much, that we actually prefer it. No one likes things that are given freely anymore. Especially love. We want to clamor, scratch and claw for it. We want it to hurt and we want it to cost. We want to feel worthy of it and we want to earn it. We're too ignorant to realize that it should be given freely. We like you when you don't like us and lose interest when you do. We'd much rather make someone love us than let someone love us.  We want it drama-filled and long-suffering.

We're so damaged that when someone points out our rips, we blame them; as if they ripped us. We're breaking rapidly and they're not making glue fast enough to repair all of the cracks.

Come on Home Depot...I know you can do something about this. 

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