Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Everybody Meet Mr. Me Too

Boy meets girl.
Boy tells girl he's not looking for a relationship.
Girl says "me neither" knowing that she is, but hoping she can stick it out until he's ready.
A year passes and boy and girl are still not an item. 
After constant pressuring from girl, boy "leaves."
Girl blames boy...says he wasted her time. 
Truth is...girl wasted her own time. Boy told you he didn't want anything from you in the beginning but you thought you could wait him out. 

Boy didn't hurt you. You hurt you. 

...when people tell you what they want you should believe them. Way too often we pretend to be on the same page with lovers because we're afraid they might leave if we're not. The truth of the matter is, they're probably going to leave anyway. If you know what you want, try finding it in people who want the same thing as you. Don't try to sit in the background and wait it out, because you're likely to end up hurt. There are billions of people on planet earth. I'm sure a few of them are looking for the same thing as you. Stop settling for bullshit then blaming the people who are giving you exactly what they promised you...nothing.

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